Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Quick Questions With...Fernando Bastide - Basketball Agent in Argentina

The Tampa Bay Rebels are thankful and excited to speak with Mr. Fernando Bastide, one of the most talented basketball agents in Argentina. Mr. Bastide is an attorney specialized in civil and labor law in Buenos Aires. As a player, he played for Club Ferrocarril Oeste for ten consecutive years. In 1984, he became the President of the Basketball Club Association, and, after ending his two year term, he was the manager of several professional clubs such as the Boca Juniors and Andino Sport Club. Thanks to his knowledge of college and professional basketball in the United States, he has been able to work with top level athletes throughout the years.

What is your background and when did you started as an agent?

I began playing basketball when I was 12 years old. Since then, I participated in playing, organizing, managing, and attending games, clubs, teams and the National League in Argentina. My club was FERROCARRIL OESTE, where I played for and where I began to work (not professionally) as a member of Basquetbol Comitee (between 1976 and 1986). After that, I decided to start with basketball agency, representing players, and I'm in this job up to now, after more than 25 years. 

Can you explain the organization of the professional leagues in Argentina?

The top professional league in Argentina is the NATIONAL LEAGUE (LNB), played by 16 teams in the top division and 21 in the second division (TNA).Both are under the AsociaciĆ³n de Clubes (AdC). There is a Federal League played by almost 50 teams, organized by the CONFEDERACION ARGENTINA (CABB). This one is to qualify and get into the National League. There are also thousands of clubs which teams play local tournaments.  

What type of contracts are most common?

Contracts are ruled by Civil Laws. But there were a couple of cases where the Labor Law was accepted. Players and coaches sign contracts. Duration depends on the players and coaches. If they are top stars, they try to sign short contracts (one season). Teams in those cases try to make them longer. Anyway, there are not many contracts for more than one or two seasons.

Besides Argentina do you work in other countries?

I send players (Americans most of all) to Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and have had some experiences with Uruguay and Mexico.

What advice would you give to a player looking to play international basketball?

There are not so many players who get in the NBA. So, you must make the biggest effort to improve and get good contracts overseas. Take care with your health, good food, and learn other languages. Basketball is giving very good opportunities to make a solid future when you are young and they are not only in the NBA. So, work hard, get a good agent, and follow his advices trying to develop the best you can. Take care with your money, saving the most you can. Finally, enjoy it because not so many people have the chance to live a good life like a basketball player does.