Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Quick Questiosn With...Aaron Mitchell - Head Coach of Antranik Beirut

The Tampa Bay Rebels are excited to have Aaaron Mitchell, Head Coach of Antranik Beirut of Lebanon's top league, join us for this edition of "5 Quick Questions."  Coach Mitchell brings a diverse background to the coaching ranks as an accomplished player in both the U.S. and various premier leagues around the globe.  In addition to coaching Antranik, Coach Mitchell is also writing a blog for, which you can view here.

How long have you been coaching overseas?

I played 16 years, and I am in my 7th year coaching!

During your international coaching and playing career, have you ever been in a position where political situations in your country or surrounding countries have affected your ability to attract international talent? If so, how have you dealt with that?

No, never.

How has your experience as an international player helped you as an international coach?

By far, playing in the number of countries I have, it has humbled me as person and developed my skills and knowledge of the game as a coach!

When you evaluate players with American citizenship, do you give serious consideration to what level of college basketball (NCAA Division I, Division II, NAIA, etc) they played, or are you evaluating them as a player independent of where they played collegiately?

I look at style of play - college has no meaning for me.  Some players develop in small (schools) perhaps better than players in large schools.

As a coach, how much control do you have in regards to which players are signed?

All control.  You have to have it to select the people you are going to work with.  (But) there are some cases where you inherit a team, wether the club starts late, or you replace a coach, or (there are) financial problems!