Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rebels Hold Successful Tryout in Tampa

On Sunday, April 15, 2012, the Rebels held their first open tryout of the season at the University Area Community Center. Players came from Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater and as far away as Miami for a chance to play for the Rebels. After going through a warm-up, the group was divided into four teams that competed against each other in full-court games to evaluate players in game situations.

Rick Catala came all the way from Miami knowing firsthand what potential benefits could come by way of the tryout. “I met Coach Rojas five years ago when I was playing in a church league. He saw me, and two years later he gave me an opportunity to play professional basketball for a foreign club he was coaching then. After that experience, I played for another club, but he opened the door for me. I brought a group of players from Miami because I know Coach can give them an opportunity as well."

With the season scheduled to begin within the next month, the Rebels are looking to solidify their roster. “Our training camp starts next week, and we are looking for local talent to fill the roster that will play in the Florida Basketball Association,” Coach Rojas said. The Rebels will play their first season game in Palm Beach on May 5th.