Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tampa Hosts FBA Owners Meeting

The Florida Basketball Association held their first owners meeting in Tampa, two weeks after the 2012 season concluded with the Tampa Bay Rebels capturing the FBA Championship.

Two-time NBA Champion and FBA Commissioner Greg Kite, presided over the meeting. Among the items on the agenda were league sponsors, expansion teams, player trade regulations, and business development. The four participating teams, the Palm Beach Titans, the Florida Flight from Orlando, the Heartland Prowl of Lake Wales, and the Tampa Bay Rebels, also discussed, in detail, plans to improve game-day operations and statistical analysis for the 2013 season.

When asked for his assessment of the inaugural FBA season, Commissioner Kite stated, "Having 100% game completion in every participating city speaks clearly of the type of commitment we have to make the FBA succeed. We still have areas of improvement, but the first season was a great first step."

The next scheduled meeting for the owners is set for October 20th in Palm Beach, where the league will announce the date and location of the 2013 FBA All-Star game and discuss potential expansion teams.

Tampa Bay Rebels GM Fernando Rojas commented, "In the minor league circuit, it is very important to measure success the correct way. From a business perspective, all the owners worked together, supporting each other. From a basketball perspective, six FBA players participated in an international tour in the preseason, and, as a result, T.T. Hall from the Palm Beach Titans was hired by a European club and won a championship in the German league. I would say the FBA has a bright future".