Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Quick Questions With...Greg Kite - Florida Basketball Association Commissioner

Greg Kite was named as the Commissioner of the Florida Basketball Association prior to the inaugural 2012 season. As a two-time NBA Champion as a member of the Boston Celtics in the early 80’s, Mr. Kite has achieved the ultimate success at the highest level of professional basketball. Mr. Kite also spent four seasons with Orlando Magic during his NBA career and has maintained a presence in the Orlando area since his time with the Magic.

Aside from his basketball experience, Mr. Kite also brings valuable experience from a business perspective to his role as FBA Commissioner. He serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Global Asset Management Group and also serves as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Gift of Learning Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 that operates a private school in Orlando, Florida. He also holds a variety of licenses related to investments and insurance and is a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate in the State of Florida.

The Rebels would like to thank Mr. Kite for taking the time to participate in 5 Quick Questions with us!

You spent over a decade in the NBA and won a couple of championships with the Boston Celtics...Do you have a favorite memory from your NBA career?

My favorite NBA memory was playing in four NBA Final (84, 85, 85 & 87) and winning two NBA Championships with the Boston Celtics.

In your opinion, are there certain attributes that a player must possess to not only make it to the professional level, but to stick around for a long career?

Character, work ethic and persistence are three valuable qualities that increase the chances of a long NBA career. Size and skill per position are also very important. An undersized player is typically at a disadvantage in the making a NBA roster Players with specialized skills also can fill a valuable role for many years in the league. Taking care of your body with conditioning, rest and nutrition also helps to extend a basketball career.

Obviously, there is life after basketball, and you have become a successful businessman since you retired from the NBA. Are there any skills or lessons that you learned while in the NBA that you have carried over to your business career?

I think having a strong "Why" - a passion for what you do and a strong emotional reason why you do it keeps me going when things are difficult is very important lesson that I learned from basketball. Working hard to achieve goals and seeing the job through are other keys to being successful in business and basketball.

Why did you decide to become involved with the Florida Basketball?

I had been involved with minor league pro basketball in Florida for a couple of seasons. Mark King, owner of the Florida Flight, asked if I would play a role as the FBA was being organized. He presented the idea to the other team owners. They approved and I started helping with the FBA.

What is your vision for the Florida Basketball Association?

My vision for the FBA is that we can offer a quality pro basketball experience for players, coaches, owners, staff, sponsors, media and fans. The first priority is to have a successfully completed inaugural season with all games played and started on schedule. Players will gain experience and exposure for other pro basketball opportunities. I'd also like to have players develop off the court through community service, mentoring, education and career development programs. The FBA can also be a great training ground for coaches and staff as well. And fans can enjoy fast paced, exciting, competitive basketball and interact with the players and coaches beyond the game.