Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Police Athletic League Welcomes Rebels

The Tampa Bay Rebels moved their weekly practices to the recently updated Police Athletic League (PAL) facility in Tampa. PAL is a registered non-for profit organization that is dedicated to providing affordable after school, summer, and athletic opportunities to Tampa Bay’s youth. PAL partners with numerous organizations to provide a unique program that consists of crime prevention, crime intervention, mentoring, homework assistance, and self-esteem programs. 

“The entire Staff at PAL has been very supportive by allowing the Rebels practice time in the gym and the use of special areas to watch film in preparation for weekend games. PAL does a fundamental job in our society allowing cultural and educational opportunities for the youth in Tampa. We look forward to being part of this engine of community support. We have already presented one project that can bring benefits to the PAL organization,” GM Fernando Rojas commented.

Next week, the Rebels will return to Freedom high school to continue practices for the remainder of the season.