Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rebels Recognize Shannon's Work Ethic

Xavier Shannon is a 6’3” forward who wears number 14 for the Tampa Bay Rebels. While the Rebels are competing in the Florida Basketball Association during the summer months, Xavier is hard at work in the paint, making an impact for the team that he joined in 2012. “I saw Xavier in a local league two years ago and decided to invite him to training camp,” Rebels Head Coach Fernando Rojas said. “He made the team, but didn’t play much his first year.” This year, however, Xavier earned more minutes and moved into the starting lineup the second half of the season. He improved his stats in every category, and his point production increased from 19 to 35 in 14 games this year.

Xavier doesn’t come from a renowned college program, and doesn’t wear the latest Kobe or LeBron sneakers. He doesn’t own a car either, but somehow he is always on time and ready to practice. His contribution to the team is not measured by his skill set but by his extraordinary work ethic and love for the Rebels organization. Early last year, Shannon earned the nickname “X” by Coach Rojas. “He is the X factor; every time he plays well, we win,” replied Coach Rojas when asked why he chose the moniker. The nickname has stuck, and now, everybody close to the Rebels organization now refers to Xavier simply by the nickname “X” when speaking about him.

Shannon was asked recently to describe how he feels about the Rebels. “The Rebels mean a lot to me because of the teamwork we do together,” he commented. “I enjoy being part of a group of guys dedicated to the same goal.” Rojas added, “He supports his teammates, but, more than anything, he supports his team. Some players over celebrate small accomplishments; Xavier keeps a humble attitude and is always ready to work hard for his team, not just for himself.”