Saturday, November 9, 2013

The FBA Keeps Growing

Entering their third year of operations, the Florida Basketball Association is unfolding their business plan as determined by current team owners and Commissioner Greg Kite. The FBA has several elements that make the league unique thus far. The highlight of the FBA is the unity and commitment shown by every team owner to make this ambitious project work. The unity and commitment shown by the owners has resulted in the league having every game (more than fifty games in total) played at the time and place originally scheduled, with no cancellations or rescheduling for each of the league’s first two seasons. This simple fact demonstrates that the FBA has the stability that every new business needs to grow. The level of competition exceeds what is found at the college level throughout the state, and fans are quickly recognizing that as evidenced by the 2013 championship game, which was decided by just two points in the final three seconds of regulation.

Many young and existing leagues focus on adding teams at a fast pace. This approach has proven to create organizational and budgetary problems for most teams. In the FBA, new teams are required to fill out an application and commit to basic standards of operation. Team owners then hold a voting session to determine if the application is approved. Over its first two years of existence, the FBA rejected memberships from multiple markets throughout the state of Florida because the potential franchises could not meet the standards in place to be accepted as a member of the league. The first expansion team approved by the existing FBA owners was awarded to a Miami-based group with strong ties to international basketball. The franchise will join the league for the 2014 season.

Aside from the expansion discussion, the FBA also reviewed other avenues which would increase exposure for the league, teams, and players. As a first step in meeting these goals, the league has also announced that the first FBA All-Star Game will be held in Orlando in the summer of 2014.

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