Friday, September 26, 2014

Davis Heads to Mexico's Top League

Tampa Bay Rebels 2014 MVP Brandon Davis has been signed by Gansos Salvajes of the LNBP, Mexico’s top professional league. Davis’s hiring came after a successful season with the Rebels this past summer as he helped the team reach the championship game, set a new league record for most points in a single game, and was nominated for the FBA All-Star First Team.

Luis Garcia, Head Coach of Gansos Salvajes, had this to say about Davis’s hiring: “I have known Coach Rojas for a long time. He has an eye for finding quality talent. He understands the level of competition we face and the type of club we are. Brandon’s skill set should help the team from the get go."

Many basketball players can be signed once, but not many can start a professional career. “Brandon has the profile and athletic ability to build a long term international career. His demeanor off the court and maturity level will help him as well. Playing in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, will make him grow as a player and as a person,” Coach Rojas commented.