Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015: Traveling Year for Rebels

In 2015, the Tampa Bay Rebels will be able to play not only in the summer, but also in both the spring and fall. The open schedule will allow the team to travel domestically and schedule international games as well. The Rebels have been invited to play in Texas, Georgia, Mexico, and the Caribbean. A number of tryouts will take place throughout the year searching for the best talent. A combination of scouting, local tryouts, and performance on the court will decide the player pool available for the Rebels 2015 schedule.

The flexibility of the open schedule will allow more opportunities for players interested in advancing their basketball careers. Interested players can compete with their regular teams during their season, and, once they finish, they can come to Tampa and join the Rebels for our national and international travel schedule during the spring or fall.

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