Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rebels Set for 2015 Spring Tour

The Tampa Bay Rebels will kick off their 2015 activities with a tour to Georgia and South Carolina to compete against members of the East Coast Basketball League (ECBL). The Spring Tour will provide a great opportunity for the Rebels staff to evaluate players against quality competition. Following the tour, the Rebels will select a small group of these players to join the squad that will travel abroad in the fall.

2015 Spring Tour Roster

Antoine Williams - 6’0” PG (Eastfield College Texas)

Derrod Williams - 6’2” G (Texas College)

Marlon Jones - 6’10” C (Oklahoma City College)

Shaq Barber - 6’2” G (South Carolina State University)

Milton Jones - 6’4” F (Florida A & M University)

Isaiah Mason - 6’7” F (Pasco-Hernando Community College)

Julian Harris - 6’3” G (Eastern Michigan University)

Demetrious Edwards - 6’2” G (Cuyahoga Community College)

Jerome Harrison - 6’4” G (Brevard Community College)

Unzo Givens Jr - 6’2” G (N/A)

“We have a process in place that, over the years, has given many players a solid foundation to successfully step into FIBA basketball. A solid foundation means that they will be hired by a foreign club and stay with the team for the length of the season. Selecting the right players for international competition is a process that requires experience and knowledge of FIBA basketball. Many players can be signed once, but not many can build an international career. We are a small organization with a shoestring budget that you would never imagine could result in the high rate of success we have had taking players to the next level. It’s all about the process,” Rebels owner and head coach Fernando Rojas stated.

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