Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rebels Prepare Roster for Tour

The Tampa Bay Rebels have begun the process of adding new players to the roster that will travel abroad in October for the team’s fourth international tour. Staff members are actively scouting and recruiting to fill out the remaining spots on the team. “We have a solid pool of players to choose from, but we are still looking for the right type of athletes that can give us a competitive edge to complete the roster,” Coach Rojas commented in regards to roster building process. “Our developmental team, the Blue Sharks, is currently playing in the city league, and I am trying to attend as many games as possible to look at local talent.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tryouts in FL, NC Uncover Prospects

In preparation for their 2015 International Tour, the Tampa Bay Rebels held tryouts in both Tampa, Florida and in Asheville, North Carolina. The tryouts provided the team with the opportunity to look at talented prospects from across the country including places such as Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia. Players with varying degrees of experience, from high school to previous international experience, had an opportunity to showcase their skills in hopes of earning a spot on the Rebels team that will travel to Mexico this fall. The talent was impressive enough that the Rebels are already making plans to make the tryouts in Asheville an annual occurrence in addition to their local tryouts in Tampa.

Details about the 2015 International Tour, including the final roster, will be announced in the coming weeks. Please visit for all the latest information about the Tampa Bay Rebels.