Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blue Sharks Start Strong in 2016

The Blue Sharks kicked off the year by participating in the first edition of the MLK Classic weekend tournament in Tampa. A new group of players, along with some returning faces such as Kevin Foster and Don Thomas, played exceptionally well and compiled a 5-2 record during the weekend. In one of the Sunday games, Blue Sharks 2015 MVP Don Thomas scored from half court sending the game to overtime and leading to a win in the semifinal contest. In the championship game, however, the Blue Sharks fell to the Bay Area Squad 65-70.

Coach Rojas commented, “Coach Brown did a great job getting the most out of a group that played together for the first time. We are in the process of building a new, competitive team that can gather interest from foreign clubs. We still have some open spots, and we will continue looking for more players to complete the roster that will be traveling in the spring and summer.”