Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tampa Bay Export Basketball Players

The focus of the Tampa Bay Rebels organization is to mold and develop players for the international market where they can help foreign clubs as “export” players. While the number of openings for export players varies across countries and leagues, the expectation placed upon these players to perform in a professional manner both on and off the court remains high across the board. This summer, we have several players with the skill to play abroad. They have invested months into our program, improving their game and getting advice on what to expect when playing overseas.

Over the past ten years, the list of players that have received their first international contract right after playing or touring with the Rebels has continually grown to include the following players: Brandon Davis (Lamar University), Marlyn Bryant (USF), Dajan Smith (Lynn University), Mark Borders (University of Tampa), Terrence Gamble (Tarleton State), Fred Woods (University of Tampa), Jarvis Gunter (NBA D-League), Spenser Mitchell (St. Leo), Marcus Morrison (Middle Tennessee State), Rick Catala (Miami), Tyrone Hayes (University of Idaho), Jarrell Kelley (Fort Myers), Joshua Perry (Jacksonville State), and LaTraven Henry (Orlando).

This talented group of former Tampa Bay Rebels started their international career in countries such as Mexico, Portugal, China, Dominican Republic and Ireland. Most of these athletes went on to play in Brazil, Uruguay, Mongolia, and Spain. Coach Rojas commented “A high percentage of these guys were hired by other clubs after their rookie season, and that speaks highly of our organization. Many players can be hired once but only the most capable will be able to build a long term career.”

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