Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tyshawn Edwards Inks International Contract

Blue Sharks MVP and member of the Tampa Bay Rebels Tyshawn Edwards has been signed by Correcaminos Victoria of the LNBP, the top professional league in Mexico. Edwards, a high-energy 6’4” athletic guard that has the ability to play the 2 and 3 positions at the FIBA level, scored 36 points against the SC Redhawks in his last game as a Rebel.

Edwards played for the Rebels’ developmental team, the Blue Sharks, for a period of nine months during in which the team competed in local tournaments and leagues. The Blue Sharks program is designed for players interested in developing their game within an organized environment. Tyshawn saw the program as an opportunity to bring discipline to his personal life and develop his game. Edwards said, “I love the game of basketball, but I did not want to spend my best years playing weekend tournaments with my friends. On December 19th 2015, I attended Coach Rojas tryout, and I will never forget that day. He gave me confidence and treated me in a very professional way. I made the team and decided to stick with the program. Six months later, he told me that if I kept practicing, he would contact foreign teams on my behalf. I received my first international contract shortly after. Coach has personal relationships with overseas teams, and spends time training players like me.”

In the last nine months Edwards’ game has become stronger on both ends of the floor. Coach Rojas commented, “Ty is a success story in more ways than one. First off, he made a very personal decision to improve himself. He joined our developmental team, and, for nine consecutive months, he showed his dedication to getting better, and he did. I enjoyed coaching a player that respects the game and the people who supported him. We have already scheduled another tryout in December to keep searching for more talent. The system works for the player with the right skillset and attitude.”

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