Thursday, December 22, 2016

Davis Continues Basketball Journey

In August 2016, former Tampa Bay Rebels Brandon Davis continued his basketball journey when he was hired by the Echague Club in Argentina. After playing for the Rebels in 2014, Davis went to Mexico and led the league in scoring that season before moving on to Venezuela and Argentina. “Brandon is playing the best basketball of his career. His game has evolved, and, in my opinion, he is ready to play in the Euroleague. We are proud of his success,” stated Rebels owner and head coach Fernando Rojas.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blue Sharks Prepare for 2017

The Blue Sharks held their annual tryout at The Clinic in Tampa on Saturday December 3rd. When asked about the tryout, Coach John Brown said, “The tryout brought a young point guard and a very interesting prospect that could play in the wing for us. These new guys will have priority over the players that missed out on the opportunity and will complement the existing roster. We are going to participate in the MLK Tournament in January, which will give us a chance to look at the new roster for 2017."