Friday, July 14, 2017

Blue Sharks Support Local Leagues

The Blue Sharks entered their third year of operation by winning the Martin Luther King Tournament early in 2017. Immediately after that, the team joined the Tampa City league, and by midyear the Blue Sharks had made an impressive run in the annual Bay Area Showdown tournament. All these events were organized and sponsored by Bay Area Basketball Inc.

To finish off the 2017 season the “Tiburones Azules” traveled across the bridge to join for the first time the UBA Pro-Am in Saint Petersburg. Tampa Bay Rebels GM Fernando Rojas said, “The quality of the Blue Sharks program took a giant leap forward this year. We are playing close to forty games in the season and for the first time we had players from other countries that flew to Tampa just to play for us in the summer. This year we have given more players the opportunity to play organized basketball. With the return of the Tampa Bay Rebels in 2018 and the Blue Sharks program in full swing, we look forward to a great summer of high-level basketball in the city.”